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    Line 6 Spider V30

    line 6 spider v30
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    3-Gitarforsterker combo
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    Spider® V 30 is perfect for practicing and jamming. Spider V features 30 watts of power, 200+ amps and effects, and a specialized full-range speaker system with an 8" loudspeaker.
    Tekniske spesifikasjoner:
  • 30 watts of power
  • Bi-amped full-range speaker system with 8” loudspeaker + tweeter
  • Over 200 amps, effects, and cabs—more than any other amp in its class
  • USB interface and free recording software to record your best ideas
  • Drum loops and a built-in metronome for honing your chops
  • Compatible with FBV3, FBV Shortboard MkII, FBV Express MkII, and FBV2
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