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    Fender American Professional Jaguar® Antique Olive

    fender american professional jaguar® antique olive
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    fender american professional jaguar® antique olive 1 0114012776_1.jpg
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    Fender American Professional Jaguar®

    An eye-catchingly adventurous design—an exercise in chrome, plastic and wood—the Jaguar guitar’s delightfully off-kilter aesthetics and unique sound made it a darling of underground artists from the ‘70s to today. Though it was the pinnacle of guitar technology when it was released in 1962, time (and technology) marches on so we updated the Jaguar with modern features and materials, hot-rodding it for today’s players. The result? The American Professional Jaguar—a dangerous instrument with bite.


        Two Michael Frank-designed single-coil V-Mod Jaguar pickups
        Jaguar bridge with brass Mustang saddles and vintage-style "floating" tremolo with screw-in arm
        New modern "Deep C”-shaped neck profile
        Bone nut; 22 narrow-tall frets for easier bending
        Treble bleed circuit maintains highs when reducing volume
        Includes Elite Molded hardshell case
     V-Mod Pickups

        V-Mod Jaguar pickups are voiced specifically for their position, creating hotter tone with the vintage warmth and clarity that made Fender a legend. The redesigned pickup claw is constructed from nickel-silver for hot output that easily pushes a tube amp into overdrive.
     New “Deep C” Neck Profile

        Designed for comfort and speed, the new American Professional “Deep C” neck profile sports more substantial shoulders. The increased mass and altered geometry creates a more natural feel that’s perfect for chord and single-note playing alike.
     Narrow-Tall Frets

        Narrow-tall frets are taller and narrower than their medium jumbo cousins, making them especially effective for bending notes and playing chords up the neck with perfect intonation.
     New Bridge

        Engineered for ultra-stable performance, the American Professional Jaguar bridge features brass Mustang saddles and a screw-in arm. The new saddles keep the strings where they belong, even when the bridge is pummeled, while the new arm lets you dial-in the arm tension that’s perfect for you.
    Treble-Bleed Circuit

        The treble-bleed circuit maintains the high end when turning down the volume knob to reduce gain, letting your tone shine through, no matter where the instrument’s volume is set.
    Bone Nut

        An original-era Fender design element, a bone nut contributes to superior tone and performance. Many players consider bone nuts to be more “o
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